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The HIV/AIDS division at Premier Pharmacy consists of a professional staff which has over 45 years of combined HIV/AIDS experience. Our Clinical Pharmacist is a Certified HIV Specialist with over 30 years of experience in both clinical and outpatient settings. We have qualified Treatment Advocates who are trained and certified to perform HIV testing, consultation and education throughout Los Angeles County.


Together, our entire team strives to develop a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our clients, and to work with you and your physician to develop a program that increases medication adherence and compliance – improving outcomes.

Advances in science and continued research are changing the way our clients live with and fight HIV. Since it was first recognized in 1981, we still focus on prevention but now have an additional approach – PrEP. What is Prep?

Many people still have questions. The following links are designed to provide you with more information about the disease.

How is it Transmitted?
How do I Find a Doctor or a Particular Service?
How Can I Keep up with the Latest News Concerning HIV / AIDS?