• Staffing
• Less Departmentalization
• Consultative Approach with Your Office
• Communication
• Less Outsourcing
• Quota Equals Errors
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Mission Statement:

Providing our community quality and diverse pharmaceutical services through innovative solutions based on individual needs.


We start by hiring staff with a high level of attention to detail, and a desire to offer the best service to our customers; then we show them how to do it. Although many of our staff has extensive experience in their respective specialties, we spend considerable time training them to do it our way. That starts with the concepts of urgency, relentless follow up, and the customer is always right.

Less Departmentalization

One of the core differences in the way that we conduct our business is through less departmentalization. Most pharmacies have an order-entry or intake department that just processes orders. Whether a medication is covered, requires clarification, co-pay assistance, or a required consultation, the order entry department continues processing and any issue or needed clarification gets transferred to another department. Depending on the backlog of those departments, prescriptions may be left for hours or even days until addressed.

At Premier Pharmacy Services, our order-entry department is the muscle of the pharmacy. Each order-entry staff member has the ownership, responsibility, and authority to ensure that each prescription delivered timely. If there's a problem, they resolve it, or will provide you with all available solutions.

Consultative Approach with Your Office

Personal, direct, and meaningful contact with our healthcare provider partners is very important to us at Premier Pharmacy. Like you, whether helping manage a chronic, life-threatening or rare disease, we approach everything we do with a patient first mentality. From field based personnel to pharmacy based staff, everyone at Premier has been extensively trained on pharmacy operations along with problem identification and issue resolution. Simply put, we listen to your wants and needs to provide you and your patients with an exceptional Premier Pharmacy experience.


We have a very simple policy: If there is a glitch or snag of any sort, discuss it immediately. If there are any discrepancies, vagueness in orders or anything that seems as though it needs clarification, discuss it immediately. If there is a problem or our customer just wants us to confirm every time we receive an order, we let them know.

Less Outsourcing

The pharmacy industry has been known to do whatever it takes to cut costs. Although Pharmacies outsource their order-entry departments out of the country, have their logistics systems controlled by outside vendors, or use other companies for their medical records and IV compounding, we prefer to perform all of these duties under our own roof. We do this because we want control over the service we deliver. We carefully watch and monitor these systems and employees to ensure the highest quality work. While it's more work to do this way, we believe that this is the right way to do it.

Quota Equals Errors

Although nearly every pharmacy has production quotas for their staff, we have determined that hiring dedicated staff ensures staff productivity and reduces pharmacy errors. We understand that at the receiving end of our efforts is an ill resident that just wants to feel better. We want to be part of the solution and not bring about other problems. For this reason, we ask our staff to check twice and do it right the first time.